Italy 2003

Italy Trip 2003029

Not so long ago (almost a decade) I was in Italy studying color reduction woodcut printmaking with one of my professors from the University of Nebraska. At the time, I was under the impression that I was some sort of gifted, up and coming printmaker. (It is truly remarkable what a perfect storm of ego the mixture of anti-depressants, alcohol, and youth can produce). It seems like an eternity and, by all current accounts it was. I mean, look at this photo… it was taken with an honest-to-gawd film camera because there was no alternative that could do a suitable job.  The shock, the horror… the disappointment! I remember returning from this trip (I was 20 and this was my first time leaving the US), dropping off my numerous rolls of film at what I thought was a reputable lab and then waiting.  And waiting. And eventually getting some of the worst prints of my life.

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