New Terms

Torschlusspanik or “gate closing panic” is the anxiety-inducing awareness that as time goes on, life’s opportunities just keep getting fewer and fewer and there’s no way to know which ones you should be taking before they close forever.

Weltschmerz or “world pain,” is a sadness brought on by a realization that the world cannot be the way you wish it would be.

Japanese Spatial Terms (for reference)

(the void) 

no, not, nothing, or without
nothing, not, nothingness, un-, is not, has not, not any
Nonexistence; nonbeing; not having; a lack of, without

(in between space)
gap, space, pause as experienced as an interval in spatial design
experiential space as experienced through intervals in design

roughly translated as inward space lying somewhere in the deep end
like an onion-skin, the idea there is always something more to be revealed, to encourage moving deeper