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So many years will be spent searching, studying, classifying, before my life is secured, carefully arranged and labelled in a safe place – secure against theft, fire and nuclear war – from whence it will be possible to take it out and assemble it at any point. Then, being thus assured of never dying, I may finally rest.

– Christian Boltanski from Research and Presentation of All That Remains of My Childhood 1944-150

Two Things


My relationship with photography is flatlining. I’ll never get it to do what I want it to do, nor will it ever push me forward in that “career-like” direction. While I was browsing through blogs, I came across this post at Mrs. Deane’s “Nothing is too amazing to be true” about new brutalist photography.

I couldn’t agree more. The idea that “photography is not meant to produce meanings” is something I buy whole heartedly.

Combine this with the Dogme 95 manifesto and the thought of making art again doesn’t seem so horrifying.