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MKE (Bayview, Morning, Service of the Self)

(OR–What is on my mind when I wait for the #15 bus on a early Friday morning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Though my knowledge of the subject is limited, Foucault’s concept of Service of the Self or Care of the Self has been on my mind lately.  Divided roughly into two parts, the Service of the Self consists of: Care [...]

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MKE (Riverwest)

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Milwaukee (Squaresville)

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Milwaukee (All those dreams)


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Full Agreement

Technical output is of little consequence at all, when you reach the point of clarity in whatever medium the photograph is meant to be viewed. Real output is judged by the reaction it evokes in the viewer. Emotions are not measurable in print size or pixels. Spending more on pixels may make a camera dealer [...]

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Milwaukee (#15, Spring, I Guess)

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The Mojave (35mm – October 2013)


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The 35mm Experiment

And POOF! – just like that it is October and I live in Wisconsin again.  After a year of self-loathing and savings spending in Los Angeles, I’ve returned to the midwest and now live 5 blocks from Lake Michigan in beautiful Milwaukee.  Although my waistline remains unchanged, I am significantly lighter in other areas – [...]

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Tonle Sap, Cambodia

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Petty Daily Life

  Good friend and fellow artist Eireann Lorsung and I are starting a project stemming from this notebook.  We found it while visiting one of Little Tokyo’s many slightly strange Japanese gift shops.  The text reads “Molang and the Petty Daily Life”.  I can’t think of a better way to describe the place from where [...]

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