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BKK (Conglomerate Urbanism)

These complexes, also known as “Conglomerate Urbanism”, combine various individual building prototypes into often spectacular vertical environments, exaggerating the already complex organization of the informal city into a conglomerate object, and challenge in the process many conventional notions of urbanism, both formal and informal. –Ferda Kolatan, Critic

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ORD (Waiting)

As of 2015, O’Hare is the fourth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic with 875,136 aircraft movements and passenger volume topping out at  76,949,336. Yet, at 8am on a Wednesday in December, International Terminal No. 5 still has silent spaces for waiting/anxiety.

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MSP (Four Seasons Mall)

“Which season is the brown one?”

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FAR (Moorhead City Hall)

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Untitled (Universes.MSP.06152016_imageobject)

  Fragmentary writing is, ultimately, democratic writing. Each fragment enjoys an equal distinction. Even the most banal finds its exceptional reader. Each, in turn, has its hour of glory. Of course, each fragment could become a book. But the point is that it will not do so, for the ellipse is superior to the straight […]

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MSP – Brutalism 

How have I missed this gem? 

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SEA (Upwards–With a Touch of Masashi Wakui)

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STP (No Matter Where I Go, It Is Never Home)

If you lived here… you’d be a Modernist by now. From the “University Grove Neighborhood Website”:  The University Grove neighborhood, tucked in a quiet, wooded corner next to the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus, is a showcase of midwestern residential architecture. The 103 homes built for professors and administrators over a 60-year period represent […]

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BADLANDS (Publication from MIEL)

I’m incredibly proud to announce that a photography book project I have been working on with MIEL in Belgium will officially come to fruition. BADLANDS will arrive as a hand-bound volume this spring. Featuring an introduction by Éireann Lorsung and essays by Patricia Healy-McMeans and Jan Estep, the book is now available for pre-order through […]

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GYY (Empty Night)

(Gary, Indiana – Post Office) (Gary Indiana – Methodist Church)

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