Japanese Spatial Terms (for reference)

(the void) 

no, not, nothing, or without
nothing, not, nothingness, un-, is not, has not, not any
Nonexistence; nonbeing; not having; a lack of, without

(in between space)
gap, space, pause as experienced as an interval in spatial design
experiential space as experienced through intervals in design

roughly translated as inward space lying somewhere in the deep end
like an onion-skin, the idea there is always something more to be revealed, to encourage moving deeper

The 35mm Experiment

MPLS-2011-Photo Texts-4
Sparkling with the grandiose nature of the mundane.

And POOF! – just like that it is October and I live in Wisconsin again.  After a year of self-loathing and savings spending in Los Angeles, I’ve returned to the midwest and now live 5 blocks from Lake Michigan in beautiful Milwaukee.  Although my waistline remains unchanged, I am significantly lighter in other areas – specifically photography gear.  The 5D MKII has been ditched along with every other piece of “high-end” or “pro” gear I owned.  In their place I have returned to the simplest possible setup I could think of – one Canon A1 35mm camera and a 50mm standard lens.  Although I’m not one to extol the virtues of forced minimalism, I’m enjoying the set up so far.  Gone is the desire to quickly and casually document everything… and in its place is a calm and focused way of seeing the world through a photographic apparatus.  I know each exposure costs me and I know that what I produce will not have the whiz-bang of a full-frame sensor, but… the affinity I feel for this humble imaging device is remarkable, lovely, and invigorating.