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The 35mm Experiment

And POOF! – just like that it is October and I live in Wisconsin again.  After a year of self-loathing and savings spending in Los Angeles, I’ve returned to the midwest and now live 5 blocks from Lake Michigan in beautiful Milwaukee.  Although my waistline remains unchanged, I am significantly lighter in other areas – […]

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USS Iowa

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Urs Fischer @ MOCA, MOCA Geffen

I recently had the pleasure of checking out the Urs Fischer exhibition at MOCA and MOCA Geffen in LA on two separate occasions. Fischer’s work blurs the distinctions between sculpture, installation, and individual pieces of art.  Perhaps that’s why I so enjoy and dislike the work simultaneously.  

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Petty Daily Life

  Good friend and fellow artist Eireann Lorsung and I are starting a project stemming from this notebook.  We found it while visiting one of Little Tokyo’s many slightly strange Japanese gift shops.  The text reads “Molang and the Petty Daily Life”.  I can’t think of a better way to describe the place from where […]

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Central Valley, California

    Exploring California’s exquisitely vague Central Valley region on a trip back from Sacramento.

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I apologize for my recent relapse into laziness and not posting. I have been actively working as a guest blogger over at the wonderful and eclectic MIEL.  I will be writing under the topic of “Localities” and will focus my attention on concepts like heterotopias in the everyday landscape. You can find my latest post […]

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Midnight In Moscow, March 1990


From Flickr user:  Jim Linwood’s album “Russia 1990.” Found via blogpost:  “Findings, File Under Movement:” on the MIEL Blog. Currently it is 72° F, sunny, still and beautiful in Los Angeles. However, I cannot stop looking at this image of Moscow and wishing I was there, bracing myself against the cold.

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Los Angeles – 11/30/2012


  LA is the perfect place for the process of self-renewal. After all, the city’s architecture seems to be in a cycle of demolition and reconstruction much like the faces of women just over the hills from me in Beverly Hills. So far I have little to report, other than my intimidation. Sometimes, you see […]

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Buy it. Use it. Pack it. Move it. Repeat.


Let me make a confession: I’m a deeply materialistic person. Although consumerism and the relentless buying of new things are activities I try to avoid, I’m still materialistic. I still accumulate. As a result, I do my best to find excuses to justify new things. This is especially true when it comes to the acquisition […]

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