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Overview of the sprawl, haze, smog, architecture, and commotion that constitutes Mexico City. Look closely in the third image and you’ll notice Avenida Juárez (along with the rest of the Paseo de la Reforma) has been closed to auto traffic and the pedestrians and cyclists have taken over. Mexico City is starting to like itself and to cultivate a sense of intimacy in scale that betrays its reputation as an urban landscape gone awry.

Battle of the Auto Modes

As a heatwave continues to sweep across Southern California (estimated 126°F in Death Valley!), I’ve been hiding out in my darkened studio space and processing RAW files. I need something to do in order to avoid the sun so a RAW conversion software comparison seems appropriate.  My tool of choice for RAW conversion has always been Adobe Lightroom and I’ve been a steadfast user since version 2.0.  However, during my time working as a digital capture tech of sorts at my last job, I became aware of the strengths and possibilities of processing in CaptureOne Pro from PhaseOne.

For those folks who are unfamiliar with CaptureOne Pro, it is a RAW conversion package has typically been used by pro photographers that have fancy medium-format PhaseOne digital backs on their Hasselblads, 4X5 view cameras, or on PhaseOne’s DSLR bodies.  I picked up CaptureOne Pro and started learning its intricacies via the CaptureU online training series.

Anyway, in this instance, I’m going to compare two identical RAW files from my Canon 5DMKII, one processed in Lightroom the other in C1 Pro.  I’m using the latest version of Lightroom 4 (4.4) and the latest version of C1 Pro (7.1.3).

Both pieces of software offer auto modes that are intended to give a quick enhancement to images.  For some reason, I love to see what the software “thinks is right” before I dive into an edit (maybe I just love clicking buttons, after all). I’ve decided to see how they stack up… My methodology is by no means comprehensive or scientific, and I’m just pulling in a RAW file, choosing auto mode for every correction I can and then exporting a JPG @ 75% quality to see what we end up with.

“I shall call him… Mini-me…”

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