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I’m on a social media diet. This isn’t the first time that I have done this, but this time the act of suspending Facebook, deactivating my Twitter, and pretending that I actually used Google+ seems more pointed and significant. I realized that I have been using the steady drip of social media to distract myself [...]

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The Perfect Japanese Maple

One should never be in such a hurry that pausing to commune with the perfect Japanese Maple tree is not possible…

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I have been incredibly frustrated with photography lately and as a result, have been struggling with my own creativity. The weather in LA has been absolutely perfect for trekking around, exploring and making images. There’s a Nike missile site still lingering in the hills that I’ve been itching to checkout. However, my shiny new 5D [...]

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Italy 2003

Not so long ago (almost a decade) I was in Italy studying color reduction woodcut printmaking with one of my professors from the University of Nebraska. At the time, I was under the impression that I was some sort of gifted, up and coming printmaker. (It is truly remarkable what a perfect storm of ego [...]

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A Head-Scratcher

When I was working my way through the first year of the MFA program at the University of Minnesota, I took an amazing class called “Performed Photography” with a professor who would later end up as a vital part of my thesis committee. The course consisted of making projects that used photography (or any media [...]

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New Mexico

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Los Angeles – 11/30/2012


  LA is the perfect place for the process of self-renewal. After all, the city’s architecture seems to be in a cycle of demolition and reconstruction much like the faces of women just over the hills from me in Beverly Hills. So far I have little to report, other than my intimidation. Sometimes, you see [...]

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Buy it. Use it. Pack it. Move it. Repeat.


Let me make a confession: I’m a deeply materialistic person. Although consumerism and the relentless buying of new things are activities I try to avoid, I’m still materialistic. I still accumulate. As a result, I do my best to find excuses to justify new things. This is especially true when it comes to the acquisition [...]

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I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about what really makes a project or business venture successful. Naturally, as the owner of a small business (, this is something that seems to always be on my mind. For some reason this brings up the idea of synergy… or the process of multiple things coming together [...]

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