MKE (Flesh Color Scheme)

MKE - Flesh Color Scheme-1

This weekend, I was introduced to director Terence Davie’s film “Distant Voices, Still Lives”. Described to me as a film worth watching because it is focused on the depiction of a place (working class industrial Liverpool) that no longer exists but is still physically there. Thinking in those terms, I cannot help but feel that when I walk through the streets of Milwaukee in mid-winter, I’m walking through a similar shell of place.

Street Food and Minneapolis

I was headed into work this morning when I noticed yet another giant white truck selling food items in downtown Minneapolis. In the past, I’ve made the decision to judge every city I travel to/live in by the quality of its street food. For example, New York introduced me to the beauty of spicy squid on a stick. In Mexico City I had the distinct pleasure of having a five-course meal of nothing but delicious nibbles found on the street. Montreal and Sofia, Bulgaria both rocked the bagel-like items. Istanbul made me squeal with an amazing grilled mackerel sandwich on the Galata bridge. Street food truly is an indicator of the health of a city, its people’s participation in the public sphere, and a commitment to the exchange of energy and life which can only happen in public.

Back to Minneapolis. If I am to apply my criteria for evaluating street food, Minneapolis gets little more than a D-. The effort is there, but the joy, the spontaneity…. the people…. are no where to be found. Instead, I am greeted by the rather gruesome display of a giant, flaccid turkey drumstick roasting in the morning haze inside a pristine white snatcher van.  Yippee.