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Tiny Intervention 02-02-2013

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I apologize for my recent relapse into laziness and not posting. I have been actively working as a guest blogger over at the wonderful and eclectic MIEL.  I will be writing under the topic of “Localities” and will focus my attention on concepts like heterotopias in the everyday landscape. You can find my latest post [...]

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Late at night Lincoln, NE is just as flat as during the day…

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Marina City, IBM Building, Trump…

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May 26, 2011

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Street Food and Minneapolis

I was headed into work this morning when I noticed yet another giant white truck selling food items in downtown Minneapolis. In the past, I’ve made the decision to judge every city I travel to/live in by the quality of its street food. For example, New York introduced me to the beauty of spicy squid [...]

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Hidden and Heterotopias

Sometimes I wonder why I even both to write, think, or photograph anything. I do a great deal of rehashing ideas and thinking out loud via my site/blog. However, somehow, it ends up being worth it. For example, it is almost humorous the way that things can come back around; full circle. This time 3 [...]

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Future of the Future

It has been an insanely good evening and I’m going to do my damnedest to keep this short and sweet. After a few perfectly mixed cocktails at the Aster Cafe, I found myself wandering around Northeast Minneapolis. Instead of waiting for the bus, I continued to drift up Hennepin Avenue, circling aimlessly around, until I [...]

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Dreams and Failures (Or Rainbows Look Better in Grayscale)

Abandoned racetrack near Hudson, Wisconsin.

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