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Los Abrazos Rotos

Ah… finally a film that I’m looking forward to seeing in the theater.

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NeoCon Rap

Thanks to a quick trip to the Lake Calhoun beach yesterday, I realized how white I am. No. Really… I am paste colored and amazingly do not tan. It is like the sun resists me… Anyway. It could be way worse… I could be white like these two young gentlemen in the above video. I’m […]

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Grizzly Bear Video

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Archi-Phenomenological Wanderings

Wow. That is an incredibly pompous way of saying I decided to go for a crazy long walk with Curtis yesterday to look at various buildings in the public sphere. We took off on foot… and proceeded to become tourists in our own city. If you have the means (feet) and the time (2hrs +) […]

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Up and Running…

During the avalanche of work yesterday, my friend in Los Angeles – Justin Lentz, sent me this great photograph from a photo shoot he was conducting. I’m excited to see the actual photographs that will emerge from his working process… but this iPhone image has me captivated right now. This little juicy tidbit reminds me […]

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Spatial Interviews

It has been a great but long weekend. I’m still waiting to pay my rent (life in a digital age, when a landlord’s website crashes and I’m up a creek)… and I have a distinct feeling that it is FINALLY time for things to begin growing again. But, to get to the point… a couple […]

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Questions for a Friday

The Touch of Satan Life is good and I’m enjoying myself. What can I say? I’m completely spellbound by the new wall shelves that my friend Christopher Pole is going to build for me and I’m also salivating at the thought of getting out of MPLS for a while. On a recent trip to Barnes […]

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Jakub Nepraš

Friend and former professor, Jenny Schmid, has turned me on to the work of Jakub Nepraš.

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I feel as though I could be playing hooky at the moment. I’ve got a loaf of banana bread in the oven and I’m doing — nothing.  It’s amazing how delightful temperatures above freezing can be. Perhaps I’ll kiss my neighborhood goodbye by taking a walk to the liquor store. My great indulgence for the […]

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Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

If you don’t have anything good to blog about, post some You Tube videos.

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