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MKE (03-05-2015)

My hosting is up for renewal soon and I’m trying to figure out why I’m just going to go ahead and pay for it. In a recent conversation, I was jokingly referred to as a petty capitalist that sees all interactions through the lens of material exchange. This may or may not be true and […]

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New Terms

TORSCHLUSSPANIK: Torschlusspanik or “gate closing panic” is the anxiety-inducing awareness that as time goes on, life’s opportunities just keep getting fewer and fewer and there’s no way to know which ones you should be taking before they close forever. WELTSCHMERZ: Weltschmerz or “world pain,” is a sadness brought on by a realization that the world […]

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Perhaps I have ADD. Not only am I easily distracted, I am also very jealous of those individuals who are not.  What I wouldn’t give to be an artist that can drill down and repeat one action over and over again to make a cohesive body of work. As I look over the work presented […]

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I have been incredibly frustrated with photography lately and as a result, have been struggling with my own creativity. The weather in LA has been absolutely perfect for trekking around, exploring and making images. There’s a Nike missile site still lingering in the hills that I’ve been itching to checkout. However, my shiny new 5D […]

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I apologize for my recent relapse into laziness and not posting. I have been actively working as a guest blogger over at the wonderful and eclectic MIEL.  I will be writing under the topic of “Localities” and will focus my attention on concepts like heterotopias in the everyday landscape. You can find my latest post […]

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A Head-Scratcher

When I was working my way through the first year of the MFA program at the University of Minnesota, I took an amazing class called “Performed Photography” with a professor who would later end up as a vital part of my thesis committee. The course consisted of making projects that used photography (or any media […]

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Cliff Typography

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Hidden and Heterotopias

Sometimes I wonder why I even both to write, think, or photograph anything. I do a great deal of rehashing ideas and thinking out loud via my site/blog. However, somehow, it ends up being worth it. For example, it is almost humorous the way that things can come back around; full circle. This time 3 […]

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October 3, 2010 10:58 AM

“The structure of a system reflects the structure of the organization that built it.” – R. Fairley via: Minimal

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December 13, 2009

As the slide into full-blown winter solidifies, the concepts of failure and reduction have taken over my thoughts. When one thinks of improvement, of being a “better person”, the tendency is to look at what we lack and emphasize what we can acquire. I feel like I have been caught in this quagmire of acquisition […]

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