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Fragmentary writing is, ultimately, democratic writing. Each fragment enjoys an equal distinction. Even the most banal finds its exceptional reader. Each, in turn, has its hour of glory. Of course, each fragment could become a book. But the point is that it will not do so, for the ellipse is superior to the straight line.
— Jean Baudrillard

Thinking about the next steps with this image object. I have it printed, 24 x 30 on a translucent Japanese paper. Is the production of an image-object enough? Or, is there a next step? A collaborative action to be taken through drawing, mapping, sorting order onto chaos?

Potato quality image of actual image-object:


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MSP – Walker Construction


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MSP – Walker Sculpture Garden (Destroyed)

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MSP – Brutalism


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STP – Brutalism

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MSP – Brutalism 

How have I missed this gem? 

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SEA (Upwards–With a Touch of Masashi Wakui)

Seattle Buildingscape-Masashi Wakui

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STP (No Matter Where I Go, It Is Never Home)

Falcon Heights Moderns-1 Falcon Heights Moderns-2 Falcon Heights Moderns-3 Falcon Heights Moderns-4 Falcon Heights Moderns-5

If you lived here… you’d be a Modernist by now.

From the “University Grove Neighborhood Website”:  The University Grove neighborhood, tucked in a quiet, wooded corner next to the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus, is a showcase of midwestern residential architecture. The 103 homes built for professors and administrators over a 60-year period represent an “architectural time capsule” of modern America according to a 1989 article about the neighborhood in The New York Times. The result is a mix of family homes, from modern to traditional, side-by-side. What ties the homes together is the visual continuity of openness between individual lots and street setbacks.

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SEA (Public Library)


Seattle-Feb-2016-49 Seattle-Feb-2016-50





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STP (Lavender Underbelly)


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