BADLANDS (Publication from MIEL)


I’m incredibly proud to announce that a photography book project I have been working on with MIEL in Belgium will officially come to fruition. BADLANDS will arrive as a hand-bound volume this spring. Featuring an introduction by Éireann Lorsung and essays by Patricia Healy-McMeans and Jan Estep, the book is now available for pre-order through MIEL’s website here.


From the editor’s introduction:

“In BADLANDS, Schroeder’s photographs of empty and seemingly empty and presumed-to-be-empty-but-really-not-empty spaces (including the eponymous holy territory that is now held by South Dakota) also enact Keats’ valuing of doubt, question, mystery. What are these spaces for, the photographs seem to ask. What do they withhold from us? How can we know them? The photographs refuse ‘knowing’ as a rubric, to some extent, leaving us with the strangeness of objects-as-themselves.

“Schroeder’s eye is intent on refocusing: a landscape photograph appears to be deserted, until the tiny upright bodies of tourists appear, marking it both occupied (in several senses) and immense. His photographs ask us to reconsider what is important, what is significant, and what is visible. They say, you think you see the important thing here, but you don’t. Look again. This is Schroeder’s “being in uncertainty”.”


MSP (New Space)


“Nothing disappears completely … In space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows … Pre-existing space underpins not only durable spatial arrangements, but also representational spaces and their attendant imagery and mythic narratives.”
― Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space

August 29th, 2015

MSP - Plane Watchers - Couple-1


August 29th, 2015:
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport:  First couple of plane watchers I’ve observed so heavily invested in plane movements, breaking from taking iPhone photos of planes only to pick lint off of each other. Called out each plane, airline, and destination loudly, but I couldn’t tell if they were trying to start a conversation.