Los Angeles – 11/30/2012



LA is the perfect place for the process of self-renewal. After all, the city’s architecture seems to be in a cycle of demolition and reconstruction much like the faces of women just over the hills from me in Beverly Hills. So far I have little to report, other than my intimidation. Sometimes, you see a place laid out before you on google maps and you can’t help but think, “I can handle this” or “I could live there in a heartbeat”. Such were my sentiments before moving here.

But reality often has different plans for us. When we move from the abstraction of space to the realities that make a place a place and such has been my experience in the first week of living here.

However negative my initial reaction to Los Angeles may have been, I can already sense the inklings of new work ahead. The dialog between space and place (along with the phenomenology of passing through each), takes on a unique tone here. Public space feels highly abbreviated, unpopulated, and ripe for intervention.

Cross fingers now.

Buy it. Use it. Pack it. Move it. Repeat.


Let me make a confession: I’m a deeply materialistic person. Although consumerism and the relentless buying of new things are activities I try to avoid, I’m still materialistic. I still accumulate. As a result, I do my best to find excuses to justify new things. This is especially true when it comes to the acquisition of tools I use on a daily (and not so daily) basis. For the most part I’m damn creative when it comes to justifying all the things I keep finding in my studio while packing. Continue reading