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December 05, 2015

Viewing and observation spaces at the new MSP Plane Watcher’s Lot.

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MSP (Towers)

Architecture of observer and observed. Minneapolis, Minnesota

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MSP (Cedar-Riverside Plaza)

I cannot think of a single place that has held my attention longer than the Cedar-Riverside Plaza in Minneapolis. Ralph Rapson’s brutalist “New Town in Town” located near the West Bank of the U of M has caught my gaze since I first stepped out of the light rail in 2005. Click above for full […]

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MSP (Winter Walk, D + G)

And the meaning of the Earth completely changes:  with the legal model, one is constantly reterritorializing around a point of view, on a domain, according to a set of constant relations, but with the ambulant model, the process of deterritorialization constitutes and extends the territory itself. –Deleuze & Guattari from Treatise on Nomadology

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MSP (Shanty, Emergent Social Space)

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Missing MPLS

Perhaps it is the overcast skies of Southern California that are making me miss Minneapolis so much. Then again, maybe it is just the displacement that naturally follows moving to a new city, one where I have no roots, no paths to calmly wander, and no climate to fight angrily against.  Above:  a happy mishap […]

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Looking Up

I have to take a second to give a quick shout out and link to one of my favorite Minneapolis artist’s work:  Andy Sturdevant’s “The Stroll” writings for the MinnPost. I can’t emphasize how much I agree with and am always surprised by the observations and encounters described in each piece. At the moment I’m […]

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A Head-Scratcher

When I was working my way through the first year of the MFA program at the University of Minnesota, I took an amazing class called “Performed Photography” with a professor who would later end up as a vital part of my thesis committee. The course consisted of making projects that used photography (or any media […]

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Street Food and Minneapolis

I was headed into work this morning when I noticed yet another giant white truck selling food items in downtown Minneapolis. In the past, I’ve made the decision to judge every city I travel to/live in by the quality of its street food. For example, New York introduced me to the beauty of spicy squid […]

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Hidden and Heterotopias

Sometimes I wonder why I even both to write, think, or photograph anything. I do a great deal of rehashing ideas and thinking out loud via my site/blog. However, somehow, it ends up being worth it. For example, it is almost humorous the way that things can come back around; full circle. This time 3 […]

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