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December 05, 2015

Viewing and observation spaces at the new MSP Plane Watcher’s Lot.

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MSP (Towers)

Architecture of observer and observed. Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Looking Up

I have to take a second to give a quick shout out and link to one of my favorite Minneapolis artist’s work: ¬†Andy Sturdevant’s “The Stroll” writings for the MinnPost. I can’t emphasize how much I agree with and am always surprised by the observations and encounters described in each piece. At the moment I’m […]

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Street Food and Minneapolis

I was headed into work this morning when I noticed yet another giant white truck selling food items in downtown Minneapolis. In the past, I’ve made the decision to judge every city I travel to/live in by the quality of its street food. For example, New York introduced me to the beauty of spicy squid […]

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It has been a magical day, I won’t lie about it. However, here is a lesson everyone should learn: DO NOT eat protein salad from Kowalski’s deli before going to bed. You will sleep for about 2 hours and then… POOF! Awake! Here I am at 2:00 AM sitting around writing blog posts and reflecting […]

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Minneapolis | Gateway District

I’ve been thinking a great deal about how one can actually inhabit a place. With the economy sliding into oblivion and funding in the art-world drying up, I realized that I am going to be in Minneapolis for a couple more years. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… but… the entire time I was in […]

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