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MEX (Overlook + Overlook)

Overview of the sprawl, haze, smog, architecture, and commotion that constitutes Mexico City. Look closely in the third image and you’ll notice Avenida Juárez (along with the rest of the Paseo de la Reforma) has been closed to auto traffic and the pedestrians and cyclists have taken over. Mexico City is starting to like itself […]

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Looking Up

I have to take a second to give a quick shout out and link to one of my favorite Minneapolis artist’s work:  Andy Sturdevant’s “The Stroll” writings for the MinnPost. I can’t emphasize how much I agree with and am always surprised by the observations and encounters described in each piece. At the moment I’m […]

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Street Food and Minneapolis

I was headed into work this morning when I noticed yet another giant white truck selling food items in downtown Minneapolis. In the past, I’ve made the decision to judge every city I travel to/live in by the quality of its street food. For example, New York introduced me to the beauty of spicy squid […]

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The built environment, like language, has the power to define and refine sensibility. It can sharpen and enlarge consciousness. Without architecture feelings about space must remain diffuse and fleeting. Yi Fu Tuan from “Space and Place”

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October 16, 2009

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Safe (For The Moment)

I’m not sure if I am caught in an atemporal vortex or if Minneapolis is hitting some sort of built-environment equilibrium. While walking home yesterday, humming various bits of soundtrack to myself, I noticed that my city is engaged in a process consisting of equal parts renewal and equal parts decline. As the first image […]

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New Urbanism

I am a fan of the urban ideals pushed forward the New Urbanism movement. How could I not be? Any movement that encourages walkable, friendly, dense developments in our city centers is something I should appreciate if not support. But… however much I like the ideas, when they are implemented the resulting landscape is almost […]

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Project for Public Spaces

A great site that is holding my attention hostage this morning. Check it out for a variety of fresh perspectives on one of the most important issues in the contemporary city. Few sites I have come across investigate what makes public spaces successful, desirable, and heavily used in the same way that Project for Public […]

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Saving Canvas + Making Empty Space Visible

Something shocking is happening in Minneapolis. A group of artists are undertaking a project to make art on the facades of unused buildings in the city. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the slickly printed, well designed signs for this type of work (I prefer guerilla style or ephemeral projects in public space). […]

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Term of the Day: Vancouverism

As defined by Wikipedia: Vancouverism is an urban planning and architectural technique pioneered in Vancouver, Canada. It is characterized by mixed-use developments, typically with a medium-height, commercial base and narrow, high-rise residential towers to accommodate high populations and to preserve view corridors. With a large residential population living in the city centre, no expressways connecting […]

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